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Shipping not included. Color of ribbon & box may vary.

Cauldron Special 

Sweet Summertime
3 Fat Witch Babies.
3 Blonde Babies.
3 Walnut Babies.
3 Caramel Babies.
In a Take-Out box with ribbon





Color of tin may vary.

Cookie Witch

24 Chocolate Chip Cookies
in a Witch Tin.




Witch Brew

Tiny bits of real chocolate melt into making the best hot chocolate ever.




Witch Ends

Witch Ends are the parts of brownies that are on the edge of the pan. Some people think the drier edges are the best part. Witch Ends are great crumbled over ice cream or fruit. We have both Fat Witch and Caramel Witch Ends. Both delicious! We will contribute 10% of Witch End sales* to





Fat Witch Bag

Eco-Friendly Tote Bag featuring the Fat Witch logo.




Fat Witch Logo Mug

It's a Mug to remember New York




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