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And Just Like That

See Fat Witch Bakery on HBO Max. AND JUST LIKE THAT. Episode 8. (reboot of Sex and the City)

Chefs at Google

Patricia Helding, founder and owner of the Fat Witch Bakery, in conversation with Jeff Buchan

nummynims : blog

Tasty brownies at Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market. Love the logo and the name. They even sell little baby ones as shown...

If you love brownies, Fat Witch Bakery is the place for you. Since 1991, the venue has been serving individually wrapped brownies, which are free of preservatives or icing - just the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients.


On My Plate - Tales from a Fashion Kitchen

And who doesn't love homemade brownies? What could be better than pulling piping hot Fat Witch brownies out of your oven at home! It's just genius that they now sell brownie mixes.



abc Good Morning America: the Oprah Effect.

It's the little things that have catapulted Oprah Winfrey to stardom over the years. With every tear, every interview, every giveaway, Winfrey influences millions. Winfrey has had 283 favorite things- items that she has selected and highlighted on her show...being included on Winfrey's list has given that extra push to products, making them overnight best-sellers. It's a phenomenon "Good Morning America" calls the Oprah Effect...Patricia Helding is the founder of Fat Witch Brownies. Helding's brownies were featured on Oprah's Favorite Things in 2002. "We were lucky to be on Oprah's Favorite Things, and overnight things changed," Helding told "Good Morning America." "The phone did not stop ringing. You could not keep up with it."
Click here to watch the Good Morning America video segment


Food Paradise TV: CiCilicious Video Blog.

Eating their brownies make me feel less guilty because they are all so tiny and adorable. Also taste really rich and delicious!! Today let's meet Patricia the founder and learn how to make brownies!
Click here to watch the video on YouTube. See link below for the recipe.


Bonjour + Hola : Fat Witch Party Favor.

At the end of the evening, the girls were anxious to peek inside the Tiffany blue party favor boxes sitting at the top of their place setting. Inside, they found their own Breakfast at Tiffanys. a Breakfast Fat Witch Bakery brownie from my favorite bakery in Chelsea Market. What a fun way to end this fun girls evening than to send them on their way with tomorrows breakfast in hand! : Brownie Mix worth its weight in chocolate.

The brownies and blondies produced by the ... Fat Witch Bakery mixes are among the most amazing, luscious, and mind-blowing brownies and blondies I've ever tasted. ...Fat Witch mixes produce an amazing product. The blondies tasted primarily of butter and brown sugar, and were substantial in terms of weight and texture. High-grade bittersweet chocolate chips (which come with the mix) dotted the almost butterscotchy cake. The brownies were neutron dense and insanely rich and fudgy, with an almost glasslike finish on the bottom where the brownies had touched the pan.


Paper and

Brownies worth hopping off your broom for! Fly over to the Fat Witch Bakery for a whimsical and chocolaty treat, and if you time it right, get a free sample, too. If youre going eat sugar, it should at least taste this good! Follow @FatWitch on Twitter for the flavor of the day. You can even enjoy that smell across the country because Fat Witch delivers to all 50 states, making these tasty morsels named "New York Citys Legendary Brownie," a legend of the whole US. Watch out, they may just put a spell on you


NY Magazine, interview with top model Britt Maren

You live in Chelsea, right? What are some of your favorite haunts in the area?
... I love shopping at Chelsea Market, whether it's for fresh produce, ... or the delicious brownies at Fat Witch Bakery.


Houston Press: Chocolate Festival at Central Market- Fat Witch Bakery Mixes.

In the baking department, try the decadent brownie mixes from New York's famous Fat Witch Bakery. My young cousins and I baked up a batch up these over the weekend, intending to give them out as gifts. But we ended up finishing them straight from the pan. It was almost shameful how much we loved these.

We later strolled to Chelsea Market...I grabbed a caramel brownie from Fat Witch Bakery (that had the perfect texture), and we enjoyed a picnic up on The High Line.


Sugar Rush: Pumpkin Brownies at Fat Witch Bakery -

...this seasonal creation features only a sliver of the bakery's signature buttery chocolate brownie under a thick layer of pumpkin cake. The sweet and soft cake is cinnamony and moist, gently spiced... it's certainly a sweet that's easy to love.


Not Right Never Wrong - Top Choices for 2010

Question? Have you ever been to a bakery and thought to yourself I would love a t-shirt from this place? I know I never have until now. That is how awesome this place is; I often recommend this place to friends looking for a good bakery ...It is not large in size, but it packs a punch with its selection of DELICIOUS brownies.


Serious Eats: Mixed Review - Fat Witch Original Brownies

A good brownie mix should also yield brownies with glossy tops and gooey centers, that taste like butter, sugar, and pure chocolate. Does such a mix exist? You bet.Fat Witch Bakery's Original Brownie Mix(7.99).Their tops were shiny, smooth, and slightly crackly; the centers were gooey and almost pudding-like. The brownies had nice, thick high edges and the center pieces were like squares of baked fudge. The chocolate flavor was on the border between milk and semi-sweet, with notes of butter and vanilla. If you have any brownie lovers or baking enthusiasts on your list, this mix would make a great holiday gift. And if the mix isn't enough, pair it with The Fat Witch Brownie Book, which has more than 50 recipes for brownies and bars flavored with everything from cardamom to whiskey to Earl Grey tea.

From Scratch: a Radio Show about the Entrepreneurial Life.
Interview with Pat Helding - Founder, Fat Witch Bakey.
To listen to the podcast open this link :-PODCAST-:


25 NYC gift ideas for food lovers :

Brownies:New Yorkers love their sweets and Fat Witch in Chelsea Market makes a mean brownie. A box of their original -- a deep, dark, rich treat, or some snow witches made with all white chocolate would make a perfect holiday present. For kids, there are Fat Witch babies, bite-size versions that come in three flavors.


20 Best Deserts in New York City :

Brownie - Fat Witch Bakery. Fat Witch deserves props not only for their brownie which is gooey, fudgey and available in a variety of flavors, but for also selling their brownie mix!


MyBakingTherapy: Blog

Fat Witch makes some of the best brownies I've ever had and now (the Fat Witch cookbook was just released), I know why... I stumbled across the Original Witch recipe on Monday night ... decided that baking brownies at 10pm was a must. These are EXACTLY like the little individually wrapped witches sold on 9th Avenue. These ARE decadent, but they're divine (and SO simple). Try them out!

Chelsea market has evolved into something spectacular.... I was on a mission to arrive at Fat Witch Bakery where they have the most out of this world brownies. yumm. Their brownies have the most intense taste and you'll want to go back for more. Take note that their most popular flavors (because there's a whole lot of them) are original, blonde or walnut!

This tiny little store in the Chelsea Market sure packs and explosion of fudge flavor! Fat Witch Bakery is famous for out-of-this-world Brownies that are so good, there can only be one explanation; witchcraft. With one bite I was spellbound by the flaky top, gooey center, crisp chocolate crust ... Delicious is a Japanese tourist web site featuring a top ten list of iconic NYC souvenirs. Number 5 is the Fat Witch Baby. Click on the link below to see their full top ten. on logos for archived Buzz

Fat Witch Bakery is a very popular shop in New York's Chelsea Market, ... renowned for their brownies. They have now made their eponymous confections available to the home baker with a new line of packaged brownies mixes.They come in three flavors: Blonde Witch Mix, Original Fat Witch Brownie Mix (chocolate chip brownie), and Snow Witch Mix (decadent white chocolate brownie). They are made with all-natural ingredients, the same ingredients used in their retail bakery, baked in small batches, and they are very good. on logos for archived Buzz


NYCStyleCannoli: Blog

Open since 1991, Fat Witch Bakery makes ....Brownies...they are the most wonderful chocolate confections you will ever taste....they are pre-wrapped so easy to take home and great to freeze as well. They also make Witch Babies which are soo adorable and great for a quick taste of chocolate heaven. on logos for archived Buzz

BLONDIES:Don't be fooled by the small size.Each ooey-gooey square atFat Witch Bakery packs a serious amount of chocolate goodness. The Blonde Witch, Fat Witch's take on the blondie, is essentially a chocolate chip cookie in decadent square form. Even yummier?Fat Witch's cookbookis coming soon in September 2010.



If you're looking for brownie heaven then Fat Witch bakery is THE place to go. With a business successfully built on brownies, Fat Witch uses all natural ingredients, does not add emulsifiers and only bakes in small batches to keep these yummy and moist brownies always fresh. on logos for archived Buzz


Insatiable Girl:blog

I'm not a huge fan of sweets, but the lemon bars here could possibly change my mind. It's sweet, but not toothache causing. The pie-like crust on the bottom is the best part; I could easily eat a whole pie of just the crust in one sitting. Yum. The lemon bars are only sold during the summer though, so I might have to come back soon to get some more.

I ordered the baby original and baby blonde brownies for the favor/gift bags for my second cousin's bridal shower ... and they are simple, pure chocolate perfection.

Fat Witch Bakery customers are posting their pictures at the Fat Witch Bakery Yelp photo page. on logos for archived Buzz


Pretty by the

Bewitched ... Fat Witch ... available in your local Whole Foods or specialty store ... Yes! Fat Witch Baking Mix! Couldn't be easier ... Hey hey, my my, these were all kinds of fantastic. They had that nice brownie crust and a rich, slightly gooey filling. It's been a few years since I had an authentic Fat Witch, but these tasted just as good as I remember.


Restaurant Fairy

Who doesn't love a good Brownie? In New York City's Chelsea market, the Fat Witch Bakery has built an entire business on selling just brownies. Their brownies area called "witches" and you can get them in all kinds of bewitching flavors and sizes. What a marvelous concept! Each brownie comes individually wrapped with a cute Fat Witch logo on it. Their brownies are made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives and are yummy


Blogging with Besen Retail

Picture the most gooey, chocolatey,moist brownie you've ever had and multiply that by two. Fat Witch serves up the most legendary brownies in the city, in a variety of flavors. Whether you are looking for the classic chocolate square or something more daring, this bakery has perfected the baked good. Try the "red witch," baked with dried cherries or the "java witch" with cappuccino chips! on logos for archived Buzz


Hey Amy! Valentine's Treats:

Fat Witch Babies - Fat Witch is a great bakery in Chelsea. I have been ordering her babies (a small petite bite-size brownie) for several years prior to making NY my home. Each are $1.50 and you can put together a lovely assortment and ship for right around $20.


The Cheap, the Best and the Hidden:

In the already hidden Chelsea Market is one of the best possible places to get your brownie fix, and then some. Say hello to Fat Witch Bakery. This tiny hole in the wall churns out some of the best and most creative brownie treats available.
Tip: Witching hour, a happy hour for unwrapped brownies ($1.50). 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and after 4 p.m. on Sunday. : for Kids

Never trust a skinny chef. As for fat witches, we hear her brownies are to die for. Kids will giggle at the playfully named brownies (witch babies) and scarf down the chocolate treats with joy.


Cash Cab

Where are contestants heading when they get in the Cash Cab?
- Discovery Channel's popular game show -
The Fat Witch Bakery of course. Check out a re-run to find out if our would be customers made it to their destination.


Flikr: Fat Witch Bakery

Mmmm - always a highlight of my visits to NY - a trip to Chelsea Market and Fat Witch - without question the most luscious brownies - now I have to hold off on the box in my case long enough to pretend they are a present for the children and not MINE - ALL MINE! on logos for archived Buzz


FaceBook: You know your from Chelsea when

#1 reason. You love Chelsea Market and love FAT WITCH and milk from Stony Brook

BzzAgent the word-of-mouth social media site has put Fat Witch Bakery in the "Frogpond" where Bzz agents review the site-
"The site is well organized with great graphics. It is easy to navigate and everything looks delicious!!"
Click on the link below to see more reviews and become a Bzz Agent.


AOL: Best Mail-Order Gifts

Treat a dear friend to New York's most delicious brownies, no matter where in the U.S. they live. Each moist Baby Witch brownie is individually wrapped with the Fat Witch logo and arrives ready-to-devour. The gift comes with 8 original, 4 blonde and 4 walnut Fat Witch Babies. $32,


Rochester Examiner

Almost everyone loves a good brownie ... If you are like me and prefer your brownie with a slightly crunchy exterior and a moist delicious interior then you may want to hit up Fat Witch Bakery in NYC. on logos for archived Buzz

Fat Witch Bakery - A great place to get brownies and they're available in regular or small "witch baby" size!.


Sweet Freak: Blog

But when your hotel offers turndown service with a nice two-bite Fat Witch brownie, you can't complain.


MoodyReviews: Blog - Holiday Food Gift Guide

27 Baby Witch Brownies Gift Tin from Fat Witch Bakery. I love, love, love these. You must try one of these before you die. on logos for archived Buzz Short Orders Gift Guide

This year, Grandma has teamed up with my old friends at Fat Witch Brownies to put together a Chanukah Brownies Gift Package that guarantees to satisfy both dinner and dessert comfort food cravings.


Felice in the Kitchen: Blog

Fat Witch Brownie: Beloved brownies from the Chelsea Market where Bobby Flay went to learn how to make brownies on a throwdown episode. on logos for archived Buzz


If you seek Aimee: Blog

Ahh, the Blonde Brownie from Fat Witch! DEELICIOUS!So what is a "Blondie" exactly? Well, it's a brownie made without chocolate. What does it taste like? A decadent chocolate chip cookie inbrownie form!...

indulging in a Fat Witch is yet another one of my long-time favorite treats...


NBC: New York

WITCH ONE: may want to stop in at Fat Witch Bakery for a bag of their Witch Ends, a.k.a. the parts of brownies that are on the edge of the pan.These chewy nuggets may be rejects, but the FW people know the truth: This is the best part ... on logos for archived Buzz


MyRecipes: Blog

The Fat Witch Original Mix takes minutes to mix and results in a pan of intensely chocolatey brownies. All you need is eggs, butter, a baking pan and a mixing spoon.


Gourmet Grrl Bites: Blog

..get the Fat Witch Original Mix and make 'em yourself. These intensely chocolatey, not-too-sweet brownies are the bomb. on logos for archived Buzz


LV Eggplant: Blog

..attempted to spoil my appetite with a caramel Fat Witch Brownie. My appetite, however, refused to spoiled ( it was areally good brownie though)


Toronto Star

For dessert, nothing else will do but a brownie or blondie from the Fat Witch Bakery (1/888-41WITCH)....

MmmmMmmm...I just got home from Chelsea Market and if you follow me on Twitter, you know what that means. A deliciously decadent, devilshly good giveaway... on logos for archived Buzz


Washington Post : Stars of the Fancy Food Show

Speaking of brownies another one of my favorite such companies in New York is the Fat Witch Bakery...


Eva's Food World : Blog

...All that wes required from me was butter, a pan and a few minutes...

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